BXF SDK developed by Tecom Group officially included in the latest SMPTE BXF standards suite

MELBOURNE, Fla. 09/25/2017: Tecom Group,in partnership with Chris Lennon,president and CEO ofMediAnswersand chair of the SMPTE Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF)Media System, Control and Services 34CS Working Group(WG),today announce the publication of its BXF software development kit (SDK)within the SMPTE BXF standards suite. 

The BXF SDK, intended to facilitate improved data interchange among traffic and playout automation systems, is now available in the SMPTE digital library for purchaseas SMPTE Recommended Practice (RP) 2021-6:2017.

“We are very pleased to have the BXF SDK now available to implementers as part of the SMPTE 2021 suite,”said Lennon.“The SMPTE publicationopens up BXF to a whole new group of implementers, and it ensures that their implementations of the standard are as painless and interoperable as possible.”

The BXF SDK aims to solve problems with interoperability issues, specifically between traffic and automation systems.It supports the traditional exchanges between these systems, such as schedule/playlist, run log, dub list, and purge list. It additionally allows for changes in the playlist in realtime, fault detection, and quick reporting, thereby increasingworkflow efficiency and providing time and costsavings.

“The SMPTE 2021 BXF suite will significantly speed up the process as vendors and developers move from written documents to new tools that drive the industry forward,” said Howard Lukk, director of engineering and standards at SMPTE. “With this SDK, Tecom will greatly assist implementers with getting this technology into the hands of users.”

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