Neutrik Debuts Fiber Optic Cleaning Accessories

Charlotte, NC – InfoComm Booth 6355… Neutrik USA, the leading supplier of robust and reliable professional connectivity solutions for audio, video, and data, is pleased to introduce its new cleaning and inspection accessory tools for opticalCON® ADVANCED cable connectors. Designed for both convenience in the field and as a much-improved method for cleaning the fiber optic ferrules without damage, the new Fiber Optic Cleaning Accessories are a ‘must have’ for engineers and technicians whose work routinely involves the use of Neutrik’s opticalCON fiber optic cables.

Neutrik’s opticalCON® ADVANCED cable connectors are identified as part numbers: FOCD-STD (DUO), FOCD-STQ (QUAD), and FOCD-STM (MTP—both 12 and 24). Operation is easy and intuitive. The user simply pushes one of these cleaning tools onto the front face of the opticalCON ADVANCED cable connector. Once this is done, the tool latches in place and holds the shutter open. The tool includes holes that are perfectly sized and positioned for inserting conventional third-party cleaning tools and inspection probes.

These tools eliminate the need to remove the opticalCON ADVANCED cable connector front housing in order to access the fiber optic ferrules. This vastly simplifies and speeds up cleaning and inspection. The tools also make the process safer: by leaving the connector’s front housing in place, the risk of inadvertent damage to the fiber is significantly reduced—making these tools a “must have” for field technicians and making the opticalCON system even more user friendly.

Peter Milbery, President of Neutrik USA, Inc., commented on the company’s new Fiber Optic Cleaning Accessories, “For anyone using fiber optic cables outfitted with Neutrik’s opticalCON ADVANCED cable connectors, these new cleaning tools are an invaluable accessory. The cleaning accessories make it easier to access and clean the sensitive fiber optic ferrules and, in doing so, ensure optimal performance. I’m confident they will quickly become an invaluable accessory for technicians and others who routinely use fiber optic cables.”

Neutrik’s Fiber Optic Cleaning Accessories are slated to become available in July 2017. For additional information, please contact Neutrik’s Sales Department at 704- 972-3050.

About Neutrik USA

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Neutrik USA, a subsidiary of Neutrik AG, is the leading supplier of robust and reliable professional connectivity solutions. Neutrik manufactures a wide array of XLR connectors and receptacles, jacks and plugs, fiber optic connector systems, wireless systems and accessories for a broad range of customers ranging from rock bands to lighting design and industrial equipment to broadcast studios. For more information, please visit Neutrik USA online at,, and become a part of its social network family at


Photo Information: Neutrik’s opticalCON cleaning accessories