Photon Beard Highlights YouTube Space London

IBC 2016, 9-13 September, Stand 12.G38: More than 50 of Photon Beard’s new Highlight LED lights have been switched on in new YouTube Space London production suites at Google’s London headquarters in Kings Cross.

The 20,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility for collaboration, learning and production is a free facility for YouTube partners from the YouTube creator community of London and Europe.

Photon Beard was chosen to provide highly versatile lighting truss fixtures to provide maximum flexibility for each of three spaces – one being a 500 square-foot green screen stage, plus 800 and 1200 square-foot production studios.

The installation also marks the debut of Photon Beard’s Highlight LEDs, which use a new approach to remote phosphor technology. The Highlight LEDs relate directly to 2,4,6, and 8 tube fluorescents, but deliver far more ‘punch’ without the unnatural tones often found with other LED fixtures.

And because Highlight LEDs have no moving parts and are passively cooled, they result in lower operating costs and superior ease of use, which is appealing to modern production teams. 

Photon Beard Managing Director Peter Daffarn said, “Highlight LEDs provide outstanding colour rendering and lighting consistency, which are particularly crucial aspects for studio productions. Our installation at YouTube Space London will illuminate a great many opportunities to learn, connect, and create.”

YouTube Space London is offering “Short Shoots”, which are one-day productions available to any YouTube creator whose channel has more than 10,000 subscribers and is in good standing. A short shoot production gets free access to one of the studios at 6 Pancras Road, London.

Highlight LED and other Photon Beard products can be found on Stand 12.G38 at IBC 2016.