Blue Lucy and BLAM at IBC

At IBC 2016 the Blue Lucy team will demonstrate how the Blue Lucy Asset Manager Core product meets a broad range of business and operational requirements in the end-to-end media production and delivery chain, while a range of more than 30 plug-ins enable operators to build a customised platform tailored to their specific requirements.

BLAM Core Features

•Advanced Search – Google style search capability supporting Boolean, fuzzy and wildcard searches
•Storage Manager –centralised storage management of on premise and cloud systems
•Workflow Manager – create and monitor highly automated, user defined workflows

BLAM Plug-Ins & Connectors

Featured plug-ins that will be demonstrated on the Blue Lucy stand at IBC2016 include:

•The Adobe Premiere Plug-in which enables access to all the core asset and workflow management features of BLAM from within the Premiere editing software. The plug-in also enables a hi-res / low-res workflow allowing the ultimate in flexible operations – particularly for large file formats such as 4K.

•The AWS Cloud Connector Plug-in which enables Amazon S3 or Glacier storage to be managed by the BLAM Storage Manager. The connector provides seamless integration so that Amazon’s secure, resilient and scalable storage can be used like an on premise array. It enables AWS Glacier to be used as a low cost and scalable alternative to LTO. The connector also helps control costs by providing storage monitoring and rules based access to the restore process.

•The Media Importer Plug-in which is designed primarily as a solid state media card import tool, but is effective with any source medium. This tool provides a clip preview player and allows direct, secure import to BLAM. When used in conjunction with the BLAM Tailor Plug-in it allows users to instantly join clips which span different folders or cards and provides rough cut editing. For remote operations or when importing to a cloud hosted BLAM, the tool can optionally include UDP file acceleration.

Blue Lucy Company Quote:

“Implementing a media asset management system is still considered by many to be an expensive and difficult task. At IBC2016 we’ll be demonstrating how BLAM defies all MAM expectations by providing an affordable, easy to implement solution for asset management, workflow orchestration and advanced video processing for a wide range of applications from post-production to content supply chain management.”
— Julian Wright, CEO, Blue Lucy Media Ltd.

BLAM Product Overview :

BLAM is a new breed of media asset management software. The Blue Lucy Asset Manager provides more functionality than you’d expect from a MAM – it combines asset management, workflow orchestration and advanced video processing in a single, complete system, streamlining operations for production, media publishing and archiving. It’s also affordable, quick to implement and easy to use – everything you don’t expect from a typical asset management system. Based in the cloud, or deployed on premise, and accessed via a customisable web interface, BLAM provides secure, global visibility and production workflow management tools that can be up and running in minutes. By providing advanced functionality in an uncomplicated way, The Blue Lucy Asset Manager is redefining the industry’s perception of media asset management software.

Company Overview :

Blue Lucy is a leading technology consultancy and media asset management software development agency. The company is led by a team of industry experts that service international clients with a business-orientated approach to technology. Its core product - the Blue Lucy Asset Manager (BLAM) – provides asset management, workflow orchestration and video processing tools from a cloud-based application that is affordable, quick and easy to implement and integrates with existing technology.

Blue Lucy
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