ELEMENTS High-Performance SAN/NAS Media Storage and Servers Now Available in Canada

Burbank, CA: ELEMENTS, developer of advanced solutions for unrestricted collaboration in shared media workflows, has announced a recently signed reselling partnership agreement withCEV, a full-service systems integrator and leading provider of audio and video communications and multimedia solutions. Headquartered in Montréal, with offices in Toronto, Quebec City and Halifax, the veteran industry experts will be offering ELEMENTS’ comprehensive range of SAN/NAS server and media storage products to the entire Canadian media and entertainment market effective immediately.

"We are excited to introduce ELEMENTS’ unique media storage solutions to the Canadian market, as ELEMENTS provides extraordinary features and functionalities to video professionals in the post-production and broadcast industry that are simply unavailable elsewhere,” says Justin Meunier, VP Sales at CEV. "Enabling Avid workstations to work with a StorNext file system, and share media files natively with all applications is a huge benefit." he adds.

ELEMENTS’ exceptional appliances are the only solutions available today to provide full integration of virtually all common applicationsutilized in the media and entertainment space, even embracing Avid Media Composer with full Avid bin-locking and project sharing supportin a truly shared file system.Solutions include ELEMENTS ONE,the all-in-one server and storage applianceproviding impressive 360TB in only 4U, ELEMENTS GATEWAY, a 2U gateway server that provides all the features and benefits, but without the storage,and ELEMENTS CUBE,a mobile appliance that supports up to 16 drives in a small factor chassis for use on-location. All solutions provide a comprehensive set of workflow enhancement and management tools and features, including a sophisticated MAM (media asset management) with full editing and data management capabilities.

Wildly successfulamong prestigious broadcast and post-production facilities all across the European continent, ELEMENTS approaches the US market and now Canadawith their full-range of specialized products that provide extraordinarily easy-to-use shared high-performance media storage solutions at an attractive price point.



ELEMENTS, developer of the award-winning all-in-one media server and storage solution ELEMENTS ONE, provides high-performance hardware and software solutions for the post production and broadcast industry. Originally a supplier of high-end turnkey solutions and support for the post production and broadcast industry founded in 2004, the German solution designers and system engineers at syslink GmbH leveraged their vast knowledge and expertise in the post production and broadcast industry to develop ELEMENTS, a line of dedicated products specifically designed to meet the high demands of workflows sharing media. Besides being extremely efficient and delivering excellent performance, ELEMENTS’ StorNext-based products provide a truly unique benefit: native project and media sharing capabilities, including AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, and other non-linear editing and VFX applications. Equipped with an all-embracing package of exceptionally easy and intuitive management and workflow enhancement tools, ELEMENTS contributes to significantly simplified and increased collaboration and streamlined workflow processes. With almost 15 years of experience incorporated into the products, ELEMENTS has earned a reputation as a provider of exceptionally customer-favorable solutions that deliver high-performance while virtually requiring no IT skills.

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ELEMENTS US: PO Box 7304, Burbank, CA, USA. t: +1-818-876-5850 www.elements.tv

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