Sommer Introduces New Hybrid MC1031HD 3-Way Cable

Combines HD picture, Power Supply and Network

Sommer Cable, the leader in professional cable and connection technology for the audio and video industries, has introduced their latest innovation: a new hybrid cable for use at live events, in broadcasting trucks, and for dome camera systems. Sommer's new Transit MC 1031 sends or receives HD video picture together with power and network signals.

"We focus first on cable flexibility and ruggedness to ensure a small bending radius, high bending cycles, and safe reeling under severe tensile strain," said Pascal Miguet, Product & Sales Manager. "Our new solution is a double-shielded video cable, a sturdy CAT.7 cable and a 3 x AWG13 power line, all in a flame-retardant outer PVC jacket. Even in conditions of extreme heat or cold, our new hybrid cable allows trouble-free transmissions beyond 330 ft."

Integrating a 10 Gbit capable network cable, power line, and HD-SDI compliant video cable in one compact cable allows producers and engineers to do without the multiple cable runs typically required.

Martin Ucik, CEO of Sommer Cable America adds, "This really is a remarkably useful, rugged and reliable cable solution that simplifies things and saves money and time. We look forward to bringing this innovation, created with the deep knowledge of our German product specialists, to our American customers."

Free samples are available.


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