VOGO Accelerates Worldwide Growth

MONTPELLIER, France -- April 13, 2016 -- Signaling its continued growth in new international markets, VOGO today announced expansions for its R&D, community management, customer support, and finance teams as well as the company's move into a new 400-square-meter office in Montpellier, France. 

Most notably, VOGO has appointed Barbara Desmarest as vice president of sales and business development in Europe. Reporting directly to CEO Christophe Carniel, Desmarest will oversee VOGO's sales and marketing activities throughout Europe and will manage and develop the company's channel partnerships. Prior to joining VOGO, Desmarest held executive positions, developing brands for luxury, fashion and retail companies.

With its flagship VOGO SPORT mobile sports replay application, VOGO is a leader in mobile technology products that offers compelling media experiences for in-venue spectators and an all-new, high-touch marketing outlet for sponsors.

In addition, VOGO has recently been recognized with two high-profile honors. The company was named Best Sport Startup at the Sport Forum 2016, an international event held in Barcelona on March 17 that was attended by 55 sport startup companies from around the world. Also, VOGO has just been named a laureate for the VINCI Startup Tour, highlighting companies for their innovative contributions towards enhancing the digital client experience. VOGO was recognized in the VINCI Stadium category for deployments of the VOGO SPORT software.

"VOGO is enjoying significant growth and momentum and is building markets the world over for VOGO SPORT. Already in 2016, the application has been used to enhance spectators' experience at more than 40 events worldwide, including new disciplines such as skiing, sailing, and urban sports," Carniel said. "We are especially happy that Barbara has joined our team. With her background in global sales, communication and marketing for high-profile international companies, she is the ideal professional to help us capitalize on that growth throughout Europe. Her appointment is the latest in our efforts to build an international sales presence and expand our global operation."

More information about VOGO can be found at www.vogosport.com.

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About VOGO

VOGO is a leader in mobile technologies that offers a compelling media experience for in-venue spectators and an all-new outlet for advertising and promotions for sponsors. The company's VOGO SPORT is an application for mobile devices that enables immersive and enhanced viewing of live stadium sports and events. With VOGO SPORT on their smartphones or tablets, spectators can watch, zoom, and replay live-action sports in real time and from several different camera perspectives. 

Since its launch, VOGO has covered many high-profile, international events in partnership with broadcasters, event management companies, sports associations, and teams. More information on VOGO is available at www.vogosport.com.

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Photo Caption: Barbara Desmarest, V.P. of Sales and Business Development, VOGO Europe 

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