How I Work: Allison Casey of Gramercy Post

From freelance sound designer to studio owner with the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library

NEW YORK, NY – Senior Sound Designer Allison Casey has enjoyed success as the Owner of Gramercy Post in New York City with work on recent projects such as Barnwood Builders for the DIY Network, North Woods Law for Animal Planet, TLC’s Love at First Swipe, commercials for Samsung, Squarespace, and Kohl’s as well as movie trailers and featurettes.

Casey talks about her workflow, gear, inspiration, and how the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library has helped facilitate her journey from a freelancer to studio owner with Pro Sound Effects in their sixth installment of “How I Work” series interviews.

“The Hybrid Library has been great because of the uniformly high quality,” says Casey. “Because of the quick turnaround and budget limitations of many of our TV projects, it’s helpful to have such wide breadth of go-to sounds and instantly be able to filter to Hybrid effects that I always know will ‘just work’.”

When looking for inspiration in her sound design and editing, Casey has been embracing the physical art of sculpture to inspire a less-is-more approach to her work. “While I haven’t ever chiseled anything out of a block of marble, the idea of starting with an undefined chunk of material and having to carve out the unimportant parts to direct attention and define meaning, rather than simply piling on hoping to make something cool, really resonates with me,” she says.

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