PacTV’s Expanded Satellite Portfolio Now Offers Downlinks on 31 Dishes

LOS ANGELES, OCTOBER 23, 2015Pacific Television Center (PacTV), an independent transmission and production company, has increased its global downlink capabilities by 24 percent with its recent development in London.

“With the expansion of PacTV London’s downlink capabilities, we can now see more of the European Arc than ever before. PacTV has become the only broadcast service provider in the world where clients can access a global satellite arc with a single phone call,” says Nick Castaneda, VP of Development, PacTV. “If it is visible in Asia, Europe, or the U.S., chances are we can access it.”

Since launching in 2012, PacTV’s DOD has been providing unlimited downlinks to its clients from a wide assortment of fixed satellite dishes at the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles. PacTV offers these services for a flat monthly rate, converting a daunting, variable cost into a very manageable fixed value. In 2014, PacTV launched a strategic alliance with MediaCorp, which expanded the product offering into Singapore.

As for PacTV London, six fixed dishes have been commissioned at its new, larger facility that the company recently moved into. Included at the new location are four fixed dishes on EutelSat 7A/7B, EutelSat 10A, Hot Bird 13, IntelSat 10-02 and THOR 5/6/7. While not included in Downlinks on Demand, there are two additional steerable dishes in London with an arc ranging from 37.5-degrees West to 45-degrees East. This arc includes broadcast critical satellites such as Amos 2/3, Astra 2, Hispasat 1D/1E, EutelSat 5W (Ku), EutelSat 8 and NSS-7. PacTV has also made steerable downlinks available at an additional charge.

With this enhancement, PacTV London will have the capability of seeing THOR at .8° West and seeing Ku satellites from Telstar 11 at 37° West to Intelsat-12 at 45°. Meanwhile, its PacTV Los Angeles facility has the capability of seeing C/Ku satellites from Galaxy 11 at 55° West to AMC-8 at 139° West and the company’s East Singapore location, in cooperation with MediaCorp, has the capability of seeing IS-20 at 68.5° E, Apstar-7 at 76.5° E, Thaicom-5 at 78.5° E, Measat-3 at 91.5° E, Asiasat-5 at 100.5° E, Chinasat-6B at 115.5° E and IS-19 at 166° E.


For 35 years, Los Angeles-based Pacific Television Center has been a leading transmission and live production provider to the global broadcast industry offering its clients around-the-clock support and services in fiber connectivity, satellite coordination, receive and records, multi-format tape play outs, live shots, satellite media tours and voiceovers. On a local level, its broadcast facility in Los Angeles connects to the ATT Hollywood Hub and The Switch Los Angeles; in New York, it connects to Encompass/Waterfront, The Switch New York and Azzurro; and in London, its facility has multiple circuits to and from The BT Tower. Additional services include remote production via PacTV's ENG truck, Downlinks on Demand and a fiber network to several countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and France. The company’s solid reputation has led to successful relationships with major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, CNN, BSkyB and BBC in the UK, Network TEN in Australia and Sky in New Zealand as well as top carriers including AboveNet/Zayo, SingTel, Intelsat, SES World Skies, British Telecom, Colt, Nexion and Level 3/VYVX. For more information regarding Pacific Television Center, visit