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IMT Launches DragonFly Unmanned Aerial Solutions for Film and TV

Integrated Media Technologies Inc. Receives FAA '333' Exemption

Pictured on location while flying the MR-14 Octocopter and camera are (L-R) Bruce Lyon, CEO; Oleksiy Zayika, Chief Pilot; Jack Fluor CFO, Lauder Robinson, Co-founder and Executive Producer; and Mehran Salamati, Chief Engineer and Director of Aerial Photography. Photo by David Goggin.

Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. (IMT) has launched its new drone division, DragonFly UAS (Unmanned Aerial Solutions), to address the growing needs of professional aerial cinematography for the film and television production industry. IMT is one of the first companies to receive the FAA's 333 Exemption and qualify for commercial applications of drone technologies. The team's latest credits include the new "Steve Jobs" movie.

"IMT is growing into critical application areas at the apex of media and technology," remarked Bruce Lyon, IMT CEO and Oscar-winner for Technical Achievement. "We've put together a team of top tier engineers and film professionals to deliver a best of class service to the global film and television production market."

"Studios and production companies can find themselves exposed to hobbyist or pro-sumer aerial photographers operating without mandatory permits, insurance or on-set experience," explained co-founder Lauder Robinson. "DragonFly offers a customized solution with a team that has over 50 years combined production and aeronautical expertise. Our focus is always safety first."

Mehran Salamati, inventor of Hot Gears Remote Systems, is DragonFly's Chief Engineer and Director of Aerial Photography. A Director of Photography for over 30 years, Mehran has designed a number of camera mounts for various airborne platforms, including helicopters and fighter jets. He designed and manufactured the MR14 UAV specifically for shooting high-end, motion picture and television entertainment. "On our most recent shoot for the film 'Steve Jobs' with director Danny Boyle," Salamati explained, "Danny was looking for non-linear, sweeping aerial coverage at 6K, inside the San Francisco Opera house. It was a challenging sequence, and we executed flawlessly."

DragonFly UAS partners include Radiant Images (cinema grade cameras and equipment) and HotGears (integrated custom camera platforms). Guild affiliations include American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), Directors Guild of America (DGA), Producers Guild of America (PGA), and Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP).

Integrated Media Technologies Inc. is a leading consulting and IT services company focused on state of the art digital media and information technologies. The company offers scalable solutions to manage complex technology projects from end-to-end, including research, system analysis and design, technology selection and procurement, testing, installation, training and support. It's newest division, DragonFly UAS, delivers state of the art aerial cinematography and image analysis services for film and television, agriculture and industrial inspection.

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