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Waves Audio Now Offers MultiRack SoundGrid® in Surround

KNOXVILLE, TN, October 2, 2015
Waves Audio (opens in new tab), a leading provider of digital signal processing solutions, announces that MultiRack (opens in new tab)SoundGrid® (opens in new tab) now supports 5.1 and 7.1 surround plugins. MultiRack is a software host that lets FOH and monitor engineers run multiple instances of Waves’ award-winning plugins on virtually any console. The world’s best-sounding reverbs, equalizers, compressors, limiters and delays, used in recording studios and mixing rooms the world over, are now at the fingertips of all audio engineers, without the limitations of hardware and at a fraction of the cost.

MultiRack is ideal for live sound, broadcast, post-production and more. With easy setup and advanced preset capabilities, MultiRack delivers all the flexibility and portability of software, with sound quality and convenience that beat hardware.

Now, the MultiRack live plugin host supports surround plugins. And as part of Waves’ ongoing effort to constantly improve user experience, Waves has added to the MultiRack host the following new Hot Plugin features:

  • Individual gain reduction meters for each Hot Plugin
  • “Save” capability for presets, snapshots and Hot Plugins per individual songs and song sections

MultiRack owners with a current Waves Update Plan may download the latest version of MultiRack free of charge.

Learn more about Waves Surround tools: (opens in new tab), and (opens in new tab).