Celebrate BlackTrax, The 2015th Show Prize

Celebrating 100% reliability and failsafe operation in over 2,000 shows worldwide and to audiences of millions, CAST BlackTrax Ltd announces the once in lifetime BlackTrax – The 2,015thShow prize draw.

The winner will receive two tickets covering travel and accommodation to a performance that uses BlackTrax real-time motion tracking solution in one of the many cities listed in the registration website. Registration is free and no purchase is required. One entry per person and the deadline is 31 October 2015.

This year has been the most successful to date for BlackTrax which has been deployed in several unique applications across the globe, cutting production costs and at the same time unleashing creativity. CAST BlackTrax would like to share that success with a lucky winner!

On the week of the show where 2015 is achieved CAST BlackTrax will draw our lucky winner as well as announcing the show and location that will be part of the prize.

The countdown begins. Enter now at www.blacktrax.ca/2015