TVS Cable Provides Seamless Program Guide Experience During Digital Transition With Triveni Digital GuideBuilder(R) 5

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Sept. 22, 2015 -- Triveni Digital today announced that TVS Cable, serving seven counties in Eastern Kentucky, is currently migrating to an all-digital infrastructure with Triveni Digital's industry-leading GuideBuilder(R) 5 metadata generation platform. GuideBuilder 5 enables TVS Cable to deliver simple and easy-to-understand virtual channel information to clear-QAM tuners as well as non-decrypting and SCTE-65-compatible set-top boxes (STBs). The unified metadata management platform supports PSIP and SCTE-65, dramatically speeding up CATV workflows while enabling the operator to realize new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and provide viewers with a smooth transition from analog to digital.

"Transitioning to digital will free up an abundance of valuable infrastructure bandwidth. Yet, in order for it to be a transparent change for our customers, we needed a user-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective way to deliver a unified channel lineup across all of our platforms," said David Thacker, technical operations manager at TVS Cable. "Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder 5 platform allows us to deliver a consistent channel lineup experience to all customers, without deploying expensive HD DVR STBs on every TV. Easy to administer and maintain, GuideBuilder 5 has already helped us move 2,000 customers to the digital tier, allowing them to enjoy more programming and better video quality while taking away the hardship of having to learn a new channel lineup."

Through a modernized Linux-based operating system, rich feature set, and intuitive user interface, GuideBuilder 5 makes delivering channel and guide information easy and affordable. GuideBuilder 5 includes an innovative virtual channel remapping functionality that ensures channel numbers are the same for TVS Cable customers with or without an STB, creating a seamless transition to digital for the end user. 

In addition to simplifying the transition to digital and helping to minimize its impact on cable subscribers, the GuideBuilder 5 system gives TVS Cable a single, efficient solution for remote or local management of metadata. Using GuideBuilder 5, TVS Cable can automatically ingest program schedules from multiple listing services; generate standards-compliant PSIP and SCTE-65 metadata; and output EPGs for thousands of channels and services. By consolidating metadata management into the GuideBuilder platform, TVS Cable can reduce equipment and maintenance costs.

"As cable operators make the transition to digital, it can be a challenge to provide an accurate, up-to-date, and consistent channel lineup experience for all customers, especially in terms of costs," said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and marketing. "By providing TVS Cable with a unified metadata management platform that supports various industry protocols, GuideBuilder 5 streamlines the operator's workflows, speeding up service deployments and lowering OPEX and CAPEX."

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