Dimetis Solutions Reach the Cloud with New Cirrus Platform

Amsterdam. The Netherlands -- Dimetis, IP pioneer and provider of software solutions that manage contribution and distribution for customers worldwide, is introducing a revolutionary network management platform at IBC that delivers faster integration coupled with a higher level of automation for significant self-provisioning options and substantial cost-savings. Aimed to accommodate both broadcasters and telecom operators up to an enterprise level, Dimetis’ Cirrus platform comprises the Company’s new BOSS SERVICE Catalog™ engine, and BOSS LINK Manager™ Cirrus cloud appliance.

“Dimetis has been pioneering IP solutions since 2008, enabling efficient and unified workflows for automation, network switching, regional transmission systems, transcoding, MAM integration and content delivery,” says Shahin Arefzadeh, Dimetis COO. “We are excited to introduce Cirrus at IBC, a secure and scalable platform that will enable broadcasters and telecom operators alike to take full advantage of IP/IT technology and the cloud to achieve tighter integration of diverse processes, customized GUI configurations, and highly automated file transfers.”

IBC 2015 attendees will be the first to see demonstrations of Cirrus, a secure platform developed to drive the transition of network management to IP/IT/Broadcast technology. The BOSS SERVICE Catalog™ is a powerful engine that allows rapid deployment and seamless integration of diverse media and telecom services. Easily interfaced with 3rd party applications, BOSS SERVICE Catalog™ links all software components together and features a fully-customizable GUI that allows users to effortlessly configure preferences and workflows as well as respective backend processes. A scheduling tool enables operators to book a link from any device and send files across a network automatically saving time, money and manpower, and boosting efficiency. Business processes can also be adjusted instantaneously by a mouse click or by an on-screen command from a mobile device.

“We recognize that every workflow is different,” explains Arefzadeh, “and the BOSS Service Catalog™ ties all these diverse processes together so files can be moved effortlessly across the building or across continents in an automated manner.”

Along with BOSS Service Catalog™, Dimetis will demonstrate BOSS LINK Manager™ Cirrus, the cloud component of the new platform. BOSS LINK Manager™ Cirrus supports the race toward Software Defined Networks (SDN) by providing the resources and bandwidth to offer a truly scalable and secure delivery appliance that covers the globe addressing the needs of enterprise level organizations.

“We thought about a name for this module quite carefully and decided on Cirrus,” comments Arefzadeh. “Cirrus clouds can stretch across enormous areas, just like our new platform. Perfect!”

About Dimetis

Dimetis software solutions manage contribution and distribution for customers worldwide and optimize the media content flow across video facilities and communication networks, facilitating media exchange usages and operational efficiency. Dimetis systems serve more than 600 million viewers worldwide. For further information: www.dimetis.de


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