Blue Lucy to introduce BLAM, a new generation of asset management, at IBC 2015

Blue Lucy today announced that it will unveil the most significant set of enhancements yet to its flagship asset management system, Blue Lucy Asset Manager (BLAM) at IBC 2015. 

BLAM now incorporates substantial improvements to its media management and video processing workflow capabilities, particularly for content approvals and versioning; but most importantly BLAM now includes a completely new workflow builder tool that provides media businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to drive operational efficiency through automation and user driven workflows.

Accessed through an easy-to-use web-browser interface, BLAM users can now build complex operational workflows that access all of BLAM’s core features and multiple plug-ins. Workflows can combine standard automated video processing and content delivery but also operational user tasks, which means that BLAM can be used to fully define a workflow that is completely defined by the user.

Blue Lucy CEO Julian Wright said, “BLAM represents a new generation of media management that combines asset management, workflow orchestration, and advanced video processing in a complete, single-vendor system. BLAM enables efficient, streamlined processes for production, media publishing, and archiving, which is a genuine revolution for media operations.” 

BLAM and a range of featured plug-ins, including third party plug-ins, will be available for hands-on demonstration on Blue Lucy’s IBC stand (7.G07). The set up will include Blue Lucy’s “Revolver” plug-in, which provides the fastest possible preparation and delivery of highlight packages from live sources.

Blue Lucy offers two flexible BLAM implementation strategies. For small to medium operations, the ‘commercial off-the-shelf’ (COTS) model, BLAM is provided with the ‘out of the box’ web-based user experience. BLAM’s core capabilities can be extended with a range of more than 30 featured plug-ins that enable operators to use BLAM’s newly enhanced workflow toolset to build a customised platform to support specific operational and business needs. 

For larger operators that are considering BLAM in the context of business transformation, Blue Lucy helps to define the operational structure and customise the software built on the BLAM core and its plug-ins to provide a bespoke platform and user experience. Implementation is equally important and Blue Lucy provides focused project management to lead and coordinate resources for effective execution, ensuring a successful transition to service.