VOCALBOOTHTOGO-UK Accepts Pre-Orders Ahead Of UK Launch

U.S. company VocalBoothToGo is launching a UK subsidiary to supply its mobile sound-proofing and acoustic treatment solutions to creative professionals in the European voiceover, acting, audio recording, music and broadcasting industries. 

Headed by Marc Jarrett, VocalBoothToGo-UK (www.VocalBoothToGo.co.uk), officially launches on August 15th 2015 from its base in Horsham, West Sussex. It will stock a range of acoustic treatment products including vocal booths, sound booths and The Producer's Choice sound blanket, which is already a best seller in the U.S. and is fast becoming the preferred solution for musicians and others in the audio recording industry throughout the world.

"We are launching in the UK in order to provide a more cost effective supply chain to European customer," Marc Jarrett explains. "Orders were coming in from all over the world, particularly from the UK, but costs associated with shipping our goods from the USA to UK would often exceed the purchase price. By holding stock in the UK and shipping from here, we can save our customers both time and money."

To mark its launch in the UK, VocalBoothToGo-UK is offering a range of discounts for any pre-orders accepted in the weeks up to August 15th.

"We are already receiving many enquiries ahead of our launch and our waiting list is growing fast," Jarrett adds. "What's more, starting next month UK-based customers can have their orders shipped the following day after purchase."

Beyond sound blankets, the company manufactures a range of mobile walk-in soundproofed booths that allow anyone to instantly create their own recording studio, at a fraction of the cost of installing a permanent one.

"Our products allow customers to do what they do best, while taking into consideration the close proximity of their neighbours," adds Jarrett. "Owners are shielded from the noisy outside world, without contributing to it, making this a win-win situation."

VocalBoothToGo-UK’s website features a plethora of acoustic and soundproofing product reviews, vocal booth and soundproofing articles, testimonials by satisfied customers and news stories. Additionally, the UK branch of the company is offering a pre-launch sale encompassing a 15% discount with free shipping within the UK for orders placed between July 11th and 25th, and a 5% discount for orders placed between July 26 and August 15, or until the ordered product is available.

VocalBoothToGo is also interested in speaking to wholesalers and resellers who are interested in its product range.


About VocalBoothToGo

VocalBoothToGo was borne by the audio producer's demand for efficient and price conscious products. As technology developed, artists were able to create music and record audio in their home. But even though technology allowed easy recording and editing of the files, the laws of physics did not change and the room acoustics had to be handled properly. Acoustic foam dominated the market, but it was extremely expensive and unaffordable for artists who were starting up. VocalBoothToGo was established to fill the needs of the fast developing home recording industry and create efficient acoustic products that can be easily installed in residential homes.

For more information, please visit: www.VocalBoothToGo.co.uk