NUGEN Audio Launches Stereo and DSP Versions of Acclaimed True Peak Limiting Tools

LEEDS, U.K. -- July 1, 2015 -- NUGEN Audio today announced the launch of three new versions of its industry-leading ISL 2 true peak limiter, developed in response to music and production industry requirements for delivering content compliant with loudness normalization. The new versions include ISL 2st and ISL 2st DSP, designed specifically for music production and other applications that require only mono or stereo content, and ISL 2 DSP to boost system power and streamline workflows for Avid Pro Tools HDX users requiring full 5.1 and 7.1 functionality.

"Online platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, DAB radio, You Tube, and others have all recently begun normalizing content loudness. True peak compliance is essential in preparing all audio for loudness normalization because it prevents the distortion that often results from the codec conversions required to deliver audio on online platforms, said Jon Schorah, creative director, NUGEN Audio. "By offering an expanded range of choices for true peak limiting in music, television, and film production, NUGEN Audio is reinforcing its leadership position in the industry-critical area of loudness management. For producers, the net result is unprecedented efficiency in loudness workflows -- and end users benefit from a significant increase in audio quality and dynamics.

ISL 2st and ISL 2st DSP for Stereo Loudness Normalization

NUGEN Audio's new ISL 2st true peak limiter was developed in response to fast-growing demand for a highly robust, transparent solution from the company's professional music production clients. Priced at an accessible entry point for the broader music production community, ISL 2st is a stereo-only version of the company's award-winning ISL 2 solution. 

In addition, NUGEN Audio is offering a version of ISL 2st for AAX DSP, designed specifically for power users of Avid Pro Tools HDX who only require mono or stereo capabilities. With ISL 2st DSP, mix and mastering professionals can outsource true peak demands to Avid's powerful hardware system and fully utilize the capabilities of Pro Tools HDX.

ISL 2 DSP True Peak Limiter for Avid Pro Tools HDX Power Users

With ISL 2 offering intelligent, robust true peak limiting from mono to 7.1 audio, ISL 2 DSP takes true peak limiting workflows to new efficiency levels -- enabling professionals to harness the full performance of the Pro Tools HDX system for seamless control of audio in post-production and broadcast. Both ISL 2 and ISL 2 DSP deliver world-class, broadcast-quality limiting and full true peak compliance with international standards.

These expanded options cater to the requirements of a broader range of audio professionals, eliminating the need to deliberately increase headroom or second-guess traditional sample peak limiters. Operators can ensure total loudness compliance without compromise and without downstream distortion being introduced into the signal by lossy codecs. With ISL 2 DSP on the master bus, users can "set and forget with the assurance of transparent true peak compliance at all times, while utilizing the power and efficiency of AAX DSP.

"With the new stereo-only versions of our award-winning ISL 2 true peak limiter, more music professionals will be able to access world-class limiting and unparalleled transparency and control, while ensuring true peak compliance to eliminate nasty downstream surprises for their listeners, Schorah added. "In the AAX DSP version of ISL 2, the extra capabilities of Pro Tools HDX are a perfect match for our true peak limiting technology, and the extra horsepower means that highly transparent 5.1 and 7.1 true peak limiting is now possible with even greater ease and efficiency.

ISL 2st and MasterCheck Combination Introductory Offer

Loudness normalization, now used on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes Radio, and others, has caused a seismic shift in how content is heard by consumers. Many music professionals currently rely on NUGEN Audio's acclaimed MasterCheck audio plug-in to create music in the new audio paradigm of loudness normalization and demystify how consumers will hear their content. ISL 2st is an ideal complement to MasterCheck, enabling music professionals to produce with confidence and certainty in today's loudness-normalized world. For the month of July, NUGEN Audio will offer an introductory price on the MasterCheck and ISL 2st bundle of $199, a $50 savings on regular bundle pricing.

ISL 2st, ISL 2st DSP, and ISL 2 DSP are all currently available at an introductory price of $99, $199, and $299 respectively until July 31. Additional information about these products and the entire NUGEN Audio product family can be found at

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