TV Technology Announces Cyber Defense Boot Camps

ALEXANDRIA, VA.—You don’t have to think too far back as to the possible threat that cyberattacks can have on a company, just look at the recent HBO hack. As today’s media operations continue to migrate to an all IP and connected environment, the risk of intrusion, corruption, theft and loss of valuable intellectual property from cyberattacks is on the rise. That is why TV Technology has partnered with Obor Digital to provide a group of training courses to help broadcast and entertainment media professionals learn to combat these cyberattacks.

The TV Technology Cyber Defense Boot Camp is designed for broadcast engineers and IT operators to address the cyber vulnerabilities that broadcasters face. Courses offered include a one-day and two-day training session with instructors Rob Caldwell, president and CEO of Obor Digital, and Phillip Stoner.

Taking information that they have garnered from working with cybersecurity operators in the military, Caldwell has filled the course with lectures and interactive labs that address the key cyber vulnerabilities, including theft of intellectual property, deliberate or terrorist threat of content modification, interruption of business and malicious damage.

“This isn’t just information and it’s not just lectures,” said Caldwell. “These are real-world best practices that are literally the same things that are being taught to our cybersecurity forces in the military and cyber operators. You don’t get just the knowledge, you get knowledge and skills and you come out of there with the ability to say ‘I can take this back to my facility and use this on a day-to-day basis.’”

Three events scheduled: The first is a one-day training session in Atlanta on Sept. 25. The second will take place in New York and another one-day session on Oct. 19. Finally, there will be both a one-day and two-day session in Washington D.C., Nov. 28-29.

For more information or to register for any of the events, please visit, or watch the video below.