Reducing Accidents With Talking Alert!

TowerSwitch LLC is introducing its new audio safety device, designed to reduce accidents through triggered safety messages and alerts.

Talking Alert! was originally intended to help telecommunications workers stay safe while climbing broadcast towers, but has evolved to handle hazardous situations including cell phone towers, industrial plants, public venues, refineries, water and electric utilities, oil and gas pipelines, fuel storage tanks, mining operations and waste sites.

It features a compact size with a weatherproof case, a solar-powered energy source, up to ten minutes of customized audio and an emergency button to notify staff and security. Talking Alert! hardware includes a microphone jack for recording messages, external input for connection to motion detectors or magnetic contacts and the choice of using an AC power source or solar-power applied battery backup. The built-in Datalogger records activity and verifies scheduled maintenance, and its data can be downloaded for further inspection.

Talking Alert! Mini, an economy model without Datalogger, will be available soon. Talking Alert! received rave reviews from safety specialists, conforms to OSHA communications hazard standards and is being considered grounds for safety-related insurance discounts.

Other models, accessories and software programs from TowerSwitch target safety compliance for FCC and OSHA requirements concerning RF, as well as HazMat, MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

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