NAB Show: Imagine Opens Microservices Platform

LAS VEGAS—Imagine Communications is releasing the source code to Zenium, its pure microservices technology for building smarter media operations. The new Open Zenium program is part of a program to accelerate customers’ evolution toward a microservices-powered, cloud-native future.

Imagine Communications Chief Product Officer Brick Eksten

“This is collaboration on a scale that’s never been seen in the media and entertainment industry,” said Imagine Communications Chief Product Officer Brick Eksten at the Sunday announcement. “The time is now to leverage the amazing work being done in the broader computer industry and to bring together best-of-breed virtualization with proven broadcast technologies.”

Eksten said the initiative represented a new era for the industry and reflected the way Imagine has approached its business. “This is how Google and Netflix and Facebook run their networks. We saw the future, and we invested in this framework.”

He said the adoption of a microservices-based architecture does not require media companies to make wholesale changes to their networks. Instead, Zenium’s component-based, highly granular composition enables media companies to make the transformation from monolithic to cloud-native applications in a gradual fashion.

Imagine is also holding a Zenium master class Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

Imagine Communications also announced that it had just shook hands on a deal where Imagine will provide the Versio cloud play-out platform and Zenium Microservices to Al Jazeera.

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Mark Hallinger