NAB Show: Ericsson Touts China Deal, Content Ecosystem

LAS VEGAS—At a Sunday press conference, Ericsson announced a multi-year strategic partnership to deliver TV services at web speed to China and launched a new open content discovery ecosystem that brings together a broad range of TV and movie data sources and applications.

Kris Hardiman, head of product marketing, media, Ericsson

The China deal sees Ericsson partnering with cloud computing and big data service provider Inspur to develop a cloud-enabled TV platform for operators in the Chinese market using Ericsson’s end-to-end MediaFirst suite.

Shandong Cable Network, the largest operator in the Asia Pacific region and one of the largest in the world, will be the first to deploy the TV platform in China. The service will deliver live and on-demand TV content to 20 million subscribers across Shandong Province.

The open content discovery ecosystem will be delivered through a single API in real time and includes a network of partners, including universal search and deep linking specialist ColorTV, content-as-aservice provider IVA and data enrichment, content discovery, recommendation and targeted services provider XroadMedia.

“Data is such a strong philosophy and part of how our customers compete today,” said Kris Hardiman, head of product marketing, media, for Ericsson. “This is what it takes to compete today.”

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Mark Hallinger