NAB Show: Epic Games Integrates Unreal Engine With Strategic Partners

LAS VEGAS—“The point of tonight’s press conference is to show that our Unreal Engine is fast enough to enable graphics that are not just real time, but fast enough to be involving, photoreal and immersive in both games and also for high-end entertainment,” said Marc Petit, general manager, Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games.

Marc Petit, general manager, Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games

During the Monday evening event, Petit showed an image rendered in Unreal Engine of the French president’s office used during the French election broadcast.

Ross Video recently released Frontier by The Future Group, a virtual studio graphics rendering platform that uses Unreal Engine to generate lifelike scenery for broadcast shows such as Fremantle’s “Lost In Time.”

“We’re very excited about Frontier,” said Gideon Ferber, director of marketing and product management for Ross Virtual Solutions. “Utilizing Unreal’s superior graphic capabilities in a virtual studio environment while maintaining the ease of use our UX control platform offers is a game-changer in the virtual solution market space.”

“Real-time rendering and compositing to produce final pixels is the holy grail for content producers, and Unreal Engine is the technology that can bring those workflows to life,” Petit said. “It’s helping us bring real-time performance from the gaming world into broadcast, film and commercial entertainment.”

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