2019 NAB Show Exhibitor Viewpoint: Phil Owens, Senior Sales Engineer, Wheatstone Corp

TV TECHNOLOGY:What do you anticipate will be the most significant technology trend at the 2019 NAB Show?

PHIL OWENS: The move to IP is happening, but we realize that the transition may be gradual for some stations. It will be important to offer systems that incorporate the newest IP-related requirements while also supporting the embedded architecture in current use. Not everyone will be able to just flip that switch.

TVT:What will be your most important product news?

OWENS: Wheatstone will be showing an enhanced version of the IP-64 TV board. It has enhanced graphics, more context sensitive touch screens and a more flexible Automixer. Layer management has also been improved.

We’ve been able to leverage our development work on the IP-64 to create a new TV board, the Strata 32. Like the IP-64, it’s fully IP-based and AES67-ready. It uses many of the same touchscreen functions as the IP-64 and has 32 physical input faders with two control layers, providing 64 mix channels, all in a 40-inch wide footprint. We’re able to use the Gibraltar IP Mix Engine to produce 16 aux busses, 16 mix minus busses, eight sub masters, stereo and 5.1 master outputs, all at a very attractive price point.

We’re also introducing a new Stagebox for IP-connected I/O with 32 mic/line in, 16 line out and eight-by-eight AES in a 4RU enclosure.

Finally, we’ve “virtualized” our Dimension 3 console to run on a touchscreen app for stations that require high channel counts but no physical console, for automated newsroom operations.

TVT:How is your new product different from what’s available on the market?

OWENS: Wheatstone is addressing the changes we see in the market—the move to IP, the need for higher functions/lower cost and the need for powerful virtual mixing.

TVT:What is it about the NAB Show that brings you back every year?

OWENS: We all work better with deadlines! Every year the NAB Show drives product development at Wheatstone. We take all the feedback from our customers both at the show and over the year to help us create and display great new gear in Vegas! Plus, we enjoy seeing our friends and making new ones!