2015 IEEE Broadcast Symposium to Hold ATSC 3.0 Tutorial

PRINCETON, N.J.—Triveni Digital’s chief science officer and chair of ATSC’s Technology and Standards Group, Dr. Richard Chernock, has been slated to lead a tutorial session on ATSC 3.0 at the upcoming 2015 IEEE Broadcast Symposium. Chernock will serve as session chair, leading a series of presentations on ATSC 3.0 and how it impacts broadcast content delivery.

Dr. Richard Chernock

“The tutorial session will focus on the various layers of the new standard,” said Chernock. “Each presenter will take a close look at the technologies included in each layer and discuss benefits to the broadcast community. Additionally, there will be a general overview of ATSC 3.0, during which we will discuss how this exciting new standard enables monetization in the broadcast environment.”

Scheduled presenters include Skip Pizzi from NAB, who will provide an overview of ATSC 3.0. Luke Fay from Sony will talk about the ATSC 3.0 physical layer. Youngkwon Lim, Samsung, will present on ATSC 3.0 management and protocols layer. Also, Madeline Noland, LG Electronics, will discuss ATSC 3.0 applications and presentation layer.

The ATSC 3.0 tutorial session will take place Oct. 15 at 8:30 a.m. The 2015 IEEE Broadcast Symposium is scheduled to run from Oct. 13-16 at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, Fla.