IP for Media Webcast Series Part 1

IP Media Webcast Series: While using IP in the media facility is becoming more commonplace, there are still enormous challenges to implementing it. Where do you start? What about interoperability? How secure is the cloud? And perhaps most important, how much will it cost? IP promises enormous flexibility and scalability in the broadcast facility and in order to compete in today’s multichannel, multi-platform world, you need to stay on top of the latest developments and trends. Moving from SDI to IP is inevitable but will take time to develop.

TV Technology can help. Join us for our new series of Webcasts: IP Basics for Media. Well-known industry researcher and educator Wes Simpson and TV Technology Content Director Tom Butts will take you through the process of understanding and deploying internet protocol both inside and outside the broadcast facility and help you understand the impact of this critical transition. 

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