How to implement an Intelligent Content Media Platform

To remain competitive, broadcasters, content owners and distributors need to increase viewer choices by offering more content, new services, and expand to new markets quickly! Aptly managing the underlying content production and distribution workflows in a way that reduces labor costs and maximizes ROI as the business expands is critical to a successful operation, especially as the competition for eyeballs heats up with additional players entering the market. Hence media owners and distributors are examining their current content supply chain, aiming to drive efficiencies and shorten the time to market for their content. The simple conclusion - they need to invest in smart workflow orchestration and multi-platform distribution capabilities. However, with budgets so tight, how can you effectively assess if your technology investment is going to pay off, before you take the leap?

During this webinar, you will:

  • Discover a simplified approach to help you and your organization assess whether your multi-platform distribution technology investment will yield quantitative and qualitative benefits
  • Explore innovative content supply chain use cases for agile multi-platform distribution as well as their ROI
  • Learn about real ROI examples from existing technology projects

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