WWNY-TV selects Axon multiviewer and Video Logger

WWNY-TV, has selected AXON Digital Design to provide SynView multiviewing equipment and TRACS2 video logging/air-check device for their master control room. WWNY-TV, based in Watertown, NY, is a CBS affiliate owned by the United Communications Corporation.

The TRACS2 video logger is used at WWNY for recording the 24-hour broadcast day. AXON's TRACS not only records WNNY’s multiple broadcasts, it also provides easy navigation to search a particular time period and date. Clips can be trimmed for exporting and archiving. The TRACS recorder is accessible via the internal network.

WNNY combined both products: the output of the multiviewer is fed to the input of the TRACS recording device. This allows recording all of WNNY’s off-air sources (CBS and Fox programming), including three off-air digital channels, one analog channel, two HD Cable Feeds, two SD cable feeds, DirectTV feed and Dish Network feed.