Vizrt, Mosart optimize complete newsroom package

Vizrt has announced that a world-wide agreement has been entered with Mosart to provide an optimized newsroom automation system for the broadcast industry.

Mosart is the No. 1 broadcast newsroom automation system in Europe. The software-based automation system offers an extremely efficient workflow for controlling complex, content-rich productions with only a single operator. Using off-the-shelf client/server hardware, Mosart requires little infrastructure for creating a fully automated news environment.

Combined with the Vizrt end-to-end graphics and video workflow, the Mosart automation system now is a complete package for the entire newsroom workflow, from the news editorial process to live on-air production. With just a single Viz Engine added to the Mosart production, broadcasters can create a full show with advanced graphics and video playback in a light-weight and cost-effective solution.

Vizrt has chosen a close cooperation with Mosart for the future. Mosart’s aim has been that its automation systems be a natural part of gallery upgrades in the future. Soon, Mosart will be able to make solutions taking care of an even greater part of the workflow, starting with newsroom system tools. Broadcasters need to enhance quality, reduce costs and simplify news desk work. The Vizrt-Mosart partnership offers such solutions.