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Videotek introduces the SQM-355 advanced MPEG data analysis module

Videotek has introduced the SQM-355 advanced MPEG data analysis module for its Signal Quality Manager (SQM) system.

The SQM-355 module accepts and analyzes one MPEG stream for compliance to Technical Report ETR 101-290, first, second and third priorities for DVB and ATSC equivalent standards. Additionally, the SQM-355 reports bit-rate values per program, PID and transport stream total, used and available to SQM monitoring and control software. This module is compatible with SQM-FR1/FR3 frames, existing SQM modules and the appropriate front end software configurations, alarms and operation.

For real-time, unattended monitoring, the SQM serves as the checkpoint of any facility's operations center, continuously monitoring the conditions of all common audio and video formats including analog, digital and MPEG.

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