Ukraine's 1+1 Media Installs Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive

1+1 Media has installed a Front Porch Digital DIVArchive CSM system in its Kiev facility to store, archive, transcode, and restore content for the production and news departments at its five TV channels and other media outlets. The DIVArchive system complements 1+1 Media's new tape library and replaces a competing archiving system.

DIVArchive fully integrates with the facility's existing playout system, media asset manager, on-air automation, and other hardware and software. It also saves the company time because all routine processes connected with archiving, restoring and transcoding are now fully automated.

Before installing DIVArchive, 1+1 Media had to plan for system backups, maintenance and reconfiguration. It also needed third-party transcoding software in order to create different formats for end users. DIVArchive eliminates downtime by allowing full backups, reconfiguration, maintenance and upgrades without taking the system offline. It also eliminates the need for a separate transcoder by quickly converting media files using an integrated transcoder. Another feature that has proven useful for 1+1 Media is DIVArchive's storage plan management, which helps 1+1 create specific workflows for every new task.