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Stratos unveils Hx1080 fiber optic connector

Stratos International has introduced the Hx1080 fiber optic connector, an easy-to-install and field-reparable SMPTE-compliant fiber optic connector. The Hx1080 is specifically designed for broadcasters that are implementing fiber optic cabling for live remote telecasting.

The Hx1080 is the newest Stratos product tuned specifically for the emerging HDTV outdoor broadcasting environment using the company’s core technology in harsh environment fiber optic connectors for military and aerospace applications.

The Hx1080 features expanded beam technology, enabling dramatic increases in operational endurance and utility. With expanded beam designs, the fiber optic filament is fully enclosed and sealed behind a hard-coated lens, forming a no-contact connection. The hermaphroditic design allows simple and rapid deployment because every connection is identical.

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