S&T creates company dedicated to MHEG engine market

Strategy & Technology (S&T) has announced the incorporation of a new company, S&T Client Systems, dedicated to serving new and existing customers in the MHEG engine market.

S&T supplies the MHEG technology supply field following the rollout of DTT service in the UK. With the global growth of multichannel digital TV systems and MHEG's cost effectiveness, the technology is poised to be adopted in markets around the world — the New Zealand FreeView consortium has already done so.

The RedKey MHEG engine developed by S&T has already been shipped to millions of receivers. It provides flexible use of system resources, allowing them to be shared with other STB applications and thus help keep costs to a minimum. S&T's offering allows manufacturers to integrate all required MHEG functionality into receivers containing an existing DVB stack, and is also available integrated with a number of independent suppliers of DVB software.

For more information, visit www.s-and-t.com.