Quartz to unveil new master control switcher

The company will launch its high-end master control switcher with SD/HD capability at NAB2005

The QMC-2 master control switcher handles HD and SD formats.

NAB2005 will be the public launch of Quartz’s QMC-2 - a new high-end master control product in the QMC range.

QMC-2 can be switched between several HD and SD signal formats and provides enhanced features including 16 channels of audio with internal Dolby E decoding, two layers of internal logo storage/keying with animation capabilities and three external key layers.

Built on a new hardware platform, the switcher retains full control compatibility with the existing QMC range, benefits from the extensive range of manual and automated control options available, and can be fully integrated into multichannel systems combining QMC-2 with existing QMC channels. The ability to handle both SD and HD means that customers can select a single platform for all their master control needs, adding flexibility and simplifying format upgrades.

For more information, visit www.quartzuk.com.

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