Panamax offers free training in AC power management

The upgraded company Web site offers 24/7 education on AC power problems and solutions.
Panamax now offers online education on AC power through its Web site.

Panamax is now offering free training in power management on its Web site. The online training provides an easy way for A/V professionals to advance their knowledge of power management in general, as well as specific Panamax technologies. The Web service is composed of three parts: class schedule, training FAQs and the knowledge center.

The class schedule lists all upcoming training sessions that Panamax's expert training team will be performing. In the FAQs section, answers to common questions regarding Panamax's training and power management education are found, including how to can get training at one’s company.

The knowledge center offers a guide to Panamax's technological solutions for common AC power problems. The center provides a list of the company's proprietary technologies and the power management solutions they provide, including automatic voltage monitoring and USB charging. The knowledge center also provides access to ext3ensive product documentation.

Panamax's online training is available on the company's newly enhanced Web site. Featuring a contemporary new design, the Web site is now easier to navigate, providing faster access to product information and offering a prominent dealer locator on every page.

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