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Omneon eases simultaneous HD/SD playout

Omneon’s Spectrum media server now features a new MultiPort 4100 Series interface.

Omneon Video Networks will launch a new system capability that enables broadcasters to combine HD and SD content on a single timeline and play it out as simultaneous HD and SD from a single server channel at NAB2005.

The new Omneon Spectrum modules, the MultiPort 4100 series, is a family of interface devices for MPEG-2 decoding that can support simultaneous playback of both SD and HD MPEG-2 material. The modules give broadcasters the benefit of working with SD and HD plus the series incorporates built-in up- and downconversion. Operators can not only mix SD and HD material to create a single output channel, but they also can use one program timeline consisting of intermixed SD and HD material to create two simultaneous outputs - one for SD and another for HD.

The MultiPort 4100 series modules feature outputs for two synchronized channels, one for SD and another for HD, each built from a single timeline that can originate from either SD or HD material, or both. In addition to outputs for SDI video, HD-SDI video, audio, timecode and control, each module also includes connectors that give customers the freedom to choose either the integrated functionality or select their preferred external device for up- and down-conversion. When an external conversion device is used, the MultiPort 4100 series built-in, adjustable audio-delay compensation maintains audio/video synchronization. The MultiPort 4100 series can be incorporated into any existing Omneon Spectrum media server.

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