New audio post facility Color launches in N.Y.

Music production executive Jeff Rosner of Sacred Noise has teamed with sound engineers Josh Abbey and Kevin Halpin to form a new audio post-production house, Color. Color distinguishes itself from other audio post facilities thanks in large part to the versatile talents of Abbey and Halpin, who posses traditional mix-to-picture experience, coupled with longtime freelance work as sound engineers for some of New York's top music and sound design production companies, recording and mixing audio tracks prior to the traditional audio post picture mix.

Rosner spent the last 25 years marketing and producing commercial music at Sacred Noise, which he co-founded. Josh Abbey began his engineering career at New York's Power Station studio, working his way from an entry-level assistant to staff engineer in less than three years. His freelance career has included work on more than 1500 commercials and more than 100 albums. Kevin Halpin began at New York’s Automated studios, known for its advertising work. His freelance career has included numerous commercials, as well as recording and mixing records for such artists as Phish, Lenny Kravitz, Bruce Hornsby and Shawn Colvin. With these unique engineering talents in place, Rosner feels that Color is well positioned to meet the needs of the advertising, broadcasting, and music industries.

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