Mohawk 2005 Master Catalog/CD now available

Mohawk’s new catalog offers detailed descriptions, color photographs and cross-sectional drawings.

Mohawk, a provider of fiber-optic and copper cable products, has released their new full-line Master Catalog in print and on a CD-ROM.

The catalog contains more than 65 pages of updated cable solutions from A to Z. Each product page includes detailed descriptions, specifications, color photographs, cross-sectional drawings and part numbers to make it easy for ordering purposes.

Separated by product lines including UTP, ScTP, fiber optic cables and special application cables, this catalog serves as a complete specifying guide for contractors. A technical section provides color charts, insulation listings and performance charts, as well as, detailed installation guides for both copper and fiber.

All Mohawk products are warranted and built to strict specifications at its ISO 9001 manufacturing facility and meets safety and performance compliance through third-party testing. Mohawk copper and fiber-optic cables use no lead jackets.

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