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Leitch launches X75SD processor/synchronizer

Leitch's new standard-definition processor/synchronizer, the X75SD.

Leitch Technology announces the launch of the X75SD, its standalone SD processor/synchronizer. The X75SD will be showcased at NAB2005, alongside the recently launched X75HD, Leitch's HDTV up/down/cross converter synchronizer.

New features on the X75SD include dual SDI synchronization for customers already transitioned to digital. Options for customers requiring input analog conversion, include a choice of two composite input decoders: the 3-line adaptive PQM decoder found in both the current DPS-575 and 6800+ modular platform; or the 3-D adaptive decoder, used by the NEO series.

The X75SD can be field-upgraded to provide HDTV up, down and cross conversion, complete with HD synchronization. For remote monitoring applications, the X75SD comes standard with thumbnail capability of the video passing through the unit. As an option, the X75SD accommodates an MPEG-4 monitoring streaming module.

The X75SD also provides audio capability with two options: an eight-channel or 16-channel audio processor. Both options provide synchronization and delay. As an additional option, a Dolby Digital/Dolby E decoder can be incorporated.

The X75 series can operate on the same control infrastructure as the DPS-575.

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