IneoQuest introduces portable IPTV/IP video monitoring, debug tool

IneoQuest Technologies has unveiled the IQVisionProbe, a handheld IPTV/IP video monitoring and debug tool that provides true portability with a decoded video display and ability to detect and monitor MDI (RFC 4445) on video flows.

It meets a service provider’s need for a portable tool that can detect, decode, monitor and debug live IPTV/IP video streams from lab to customer premise

IQVisionProbe combines 10/100 Ethernet network and ASI input connectivity with a built-in color LCD display and three modes of operation including Census mode for multi-stream monitoring, IGMP mode for multicast testing, and System Overview for network stream status and fault management.

Field technicians can take the IQVisionProbe on-site at suspected network trouble spots to verify reported problems and then debug with the same unit, visually verifying the video content on the large color display.

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