Imagine Communications unveils Quality On Demand Gateway

Imagine Communications has unveiled details of its initial PersonalizedTV platform solution, the Quality On Demand Gateway (QOD Gateway), the underlying infrastructure designed to improve bandwidth use, enhance video quality and customize service offerings, such as targeted ads and personalized audio.

By implementing its technology in software, Imagine is able to leverage powerful, carrier-grade, off-the-shelf hardware that is available from multiple suppliers. Imagine's technology can be used in both a stored VOD and real-time (switched) environment.

The company's initial product, the QOD Gateway, focuses on the MPEG-2 VOD cable market and ushers in a different way of using standardized tools in the area of video coding and multiplexing to ensure the best video quality at the lowest bit rate. The QOD Gateway incorporates third-generation statistical multiplexing for SD and HD VOD content.

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