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IBIS updates at IBC2007

At IBC2007, IBIS demonstrated a number of new applications and enhancements to existing solutions.

  • Highlighter, IBIS’ sports capture application, now features a touch-panel interface from leading supplier JL Cooper.
  • IFind, an advanced tool to search, sort and manage data and currently in use by ITN and BBC Regional newsrooms, now interfaces with ServerBase and the IBIS Asset core to allow intelligent search and retrieval of any stored video.
  • IBIS Content Management (ICM) was demonstrated interfacing with its MAM application, ServerBase. ICM offers reliable retrieval and browsing of any existing material at the desktop. Of particular interest for news applications is the ability to click on any item to see the precise rights available.
  • IBIS ServerBase is now compatible with Apple operating systems. Material from IBIS Highlighter can be edited in Final Cut Pro and made available in a MOS-enabled rundown. The IBIS system can detect expected footage that is being edited in Final Cut Pro and will issue placeholders in the rundown into which the footage will slot as it arrives.

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