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Hi Tech launches Q-Tracker at IBC

Hi Tech Systems is launching the Q-Tracker controller at IBC2005. It can control multiple video servers, VTRs and DDRs.

Using a touchscreen GUI, Q-Tracker complements, or offers an alternative to, buttons-and-timecode panel operation. It presents clips as moving pictures superimposed on the stage, making the events of live programming easy to follow and providing controls for the associated multiple recorders. Details of the event or program are shown together with the record and play control of footage.

Q-Tracker is an add-on for the HT 800 series panels, or it can be used as a stand-alone. With control extendable up to 1km, different production areas can be connected according to needs. The record sources are displayed in windows at the top of the GUI. In single-user mode Q-Tracker can directly connect to, and control, a number of VTRs or DDRs using the Sony 9-pin protocol.

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