GMPCS unveils Ka-band fly-, drive-away SNG solutions

Global satellite communications provider GMPCS introduced at the 2013 NAB Show a new line of Ka-band uplink field kits — packaging portable IP-based fly-away suitcases or vehicle-based drive-away terminals for satellite newsgathering (SNG) applications.

GMPCS’s DiNGo and KAnine systems represent advances in Ka-band satellite communications with optional video transmission technologies. GMPCS’s Pipeline bundles feature the latest IP-based encoders, satellite modems and mobile antenna systems as well as Ka-band airtime services.

The portable/suitcase kits or vehicle/roof-mount solution easily enable almost all IP-based applications, such as live video streaming, file-transfer, e-mail, phone/IFB and Web browsing.

Packaged with a camera, portable encoder and the lightweight Ka-band flyaway terminal, such as the Cobham EXPLORER-3075, the system allows field users to encode, edit, and uplink archived or real-time video.