Frontniche supplies ITN with Vutrix quad TFT LCDs

UK news provider ITN has recieved Vutrix 26in integrated quad LCD screens for its two new production galleries. The project is part of an ongoing upgrade of ITN’s Millbank studio.

The new LCD display, which can display 72 sources of SD/HD video, replaces the previous CRT-based unit. Vutrix also has provided the network protocol for menu, UMD and tally control.

Customized software has been designed by ITN consultants to integrate this protocol into the existing ITN system, used by news gallery production staff. Because companies associated with ITN will use ITN’s production gallery from time to time, the requirement to change settings such as aspect ratio, color temperature and UMD, and to store/retrieve these settings at the touch of button was a critical design factor. Settings are adjusted by a mimic display of the production stack.

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