Freedom And Fun: Profile - Hans Bishop

Name: Hans Bishop

Age: 32

Star sign: Virgo

Home town: Sydney, Australia.

Hand held action, shooting on roof top SydneyCurrent base: Glebe, Sydney.

Occupation: Cinematographer/videographer.

What courses/study have you undertaken?
I studied at Sydney Film School at 2004-2005, where I completed a diploma in screen and film production. I was involved in the making of over 20 films and was camera operator and DOP for most of them.

I won best cinematographer for my year, as well as winning editing awards and best film awards. Two of the films I shot were shown at the Cannes Film Festival as demonstrations of student films. Prior to that I had completed several short courses at Metro Screen involving camera operating, camera techniques directing, and video production.

Current assignments:
I am working on a couple of corporate videos for some major computer software companies at the moment. I am also doing some online web videos whilst shooting the National Rugby League (NRL) on weekends. Nothing too artistic or creative at the moment, but I am hoping to work on a few more short films later this year.

Have you been busy?
The period over Christmas is usually pretty slow. This is sometimes a good thing as that is the time of year you want to take holidays, which I have taken a lot of lately.

I’ve been travelling to Europe and other parts of Australia over summer and enjoying time with my family, including my beautiful 16 month old daughter. Work has just started to really take off again over the last month and I’m hoping to have a big year.

Shooting where?
I will still focus on the corporate and web videos this year, as I have in the past couple of years, But I am hoping to do a fair bit more creative stuff like films, music clips and show reels, as these are the areas I learned my trade in and enjoy working on.

What types of productions have you mostly shot?
I started off learning my trade in film production. Then I assisted on a lot of music clips, TV commercials, and short films for a while before starting my own small video production company. I’ve been building up my business in corporate and multimedia over the last few years.

What was your first ever shooting job?
My first job was shooting football for the NRL. I always wanted to, so whilst I was studying at film school I rang around and got a job shooting for the NRL judiciary and coaches.

It was great to be able to work in an environment and a sport I have always loved and watched on TV for years; then to be able to work amongst my favorite players, coaches, and TV celebrities was an awesome intro into the television industry. I still love my footy and I still shoot it on the weekends, although these days I pick and choose the games I want, which usually happen to be my side – the mighty Wests Tigers. Go the Tigers!

Will you acquire a DSLR for video work at any stage?
At the moment I don’t really need one, although it is easy for me to get my hands on friends’ cameras if I need them. Of course it would be nice to own a 7D but it seems as though every man and his dog has one these days, so I might wait a bit.

Most recent, interesting assignments?
Bikini shoot last week was OK. A hot day at Bondi beach!

Current equipment you use?
I own a couple of Sony Z1s. I know they’re a bit old now but they are a great little camera and really comfortable for extreme hand held shots. I also use a lot of Pro DV/HD cams with prime lenses, Canon 7Ds, and love to shoot film whenever I get the opportunity.

Other gear you have access to?
I have also recently bought an HD Go Pro, which is great fun as I love experimenting with extreme sports photography. It captures great stuff with all the different mounts and waterproof casings available.

Equipment “wish list”?
A Pro HD DV cam with some good lenses and more lights would be nice.

What piece of gear do you wish someone might make?
I’ve always wanted to design a tripod with a swivel chair on attached to it, as shooting sport can get a bit tiring on your feet.

Best thing about your job?
It’s fun to have a job with so much freedom. I get bored doing the same thing all the time, so to be able to travel, see new places, and meet new people is amazing. It’s also great to be my own boss!

Worst thing about your job?
Not having a regular calendar as work is booked sporadically and on short notice, but post production is never great. I would much rather be outdoors and seeing new places and people.

Dullest assignments and why?
Corporate events. Standing in the same spot filming speakers at lecterns for hours really hurts the feet and numbs the brain.

Hairiest/scariest assignments and why?
Shooting from helicopters is always fun. Flying over Sydney harbour hanging out the side while standing on the landing gear attached only by a chest harness really gets the blood pumping. Gets a bit bumpy from the wind but you can get some great shots. Also riding dirt bikes, surfing, or rallying cars with the Go Pro is a great thrill.

How much 16:9 do you shoot?
95 percent of what I shoot these days is all 16:9 unless I am shooting IMAG, then usually it will be 4:3 to fit the projector screen properly. IMAG is a live video feed from one or multiple cameras and different from “projection”.

What’s your taste in music?
I used to DJ at parties and a few clubs, so I love a bit of house and techno dance music but I love lots of different music including hip hop, rap, old rock, jazz and blues. But I don’t like is death metal.

Favorite food?
It would have to be hot curries, spicy Asian, and Italian food. Washed down with cold beer, of course!

Contact details:
Tel: 011 61 2 9566 4845 or 011 61 414 917 337