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Flexible LED lighting boosts visuals

Outpost12 Studios, a full service production studio in Lincoln, NE, is using new Zylight Z90 compact LED lights on location and IS3c large-panel LED lights in its studio. Known in their market for VFX and animation work, the studio is using its new lighting instruments to produce custom interactive work for the Web that creates unique branding experiences for its clients.

The company purchased its four Z90s in January and seven IS3cs in April. Originally, two of the new IS3c lights were going to be used for location shoots, but the company recognized the competitive difference and replaced all the older fluorescent light fixtures across its studio’s lighting grid with Zylights.

The objective was to be able to light a cyc and go from daylight to tungsten and other variations easily and quickly. No other light has that flexibility. They also look better and are more professional than the lights they replaced.

On location, the Z90s are paired with a Sony F55 4K digital motion picture camera. Typically they use the daylight and tungsten settings on the light, but they also mix colors on location to mimic moonlight or sunlight — or just add an extra splash of color in the background. The Z90 is versatile and super-small, so it’s easy to store them in the kit.

Using each light’s built-in ZyLink wireless technology, Outpost12 uses a Zylink Remote to wirelessly control all the IS3cs on its lighting grid. The studio no longer needs a lighting board. Each instrument can be adjusted individually, or groups of lights (or even the entire grid) can be changed simultaneously. The technology not only creates uniformity in color for all the instruments, but also it saves significant setup time.

On a recent project, for example, the cyc was lit for chromakey green, but the talent arrived wearing a green shirt. Using the Remote, Outpost12 was able to change the color wash to a pre-programmed chromakey blue in an instant.

Ideal for field use or permanent installations, the IS3c can serve as a background color wash light or wide soft light. With a custom soft box produced exclusively by Chimera for Zylight, the fully dimmable, high-output IS3c features built-in controls for adjusting color temperature, color correction, and Zylight’s Color Mode, which produces millions of colors without gels or filters. The versatile Z90 can instantly switch between daylight and tungsten, and offers full Color Mode output with separate hue and saturation control.