Exanet unveils new high-performance NAS

Exanet enters the entertainment market with the Exastore scalable and high-availability storage network
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Exanet's ExaStore storage array system.

Exanet’s ExaStore’s is now available. It includes applications for editing, digital archives, digital intermediates and graphics.

It has no single point of failure, while its linear scalability allows any level of capacity and total performance. The system consolidates data into a single pool that can be directly accessed by all workstation clients and workflow servers, regardless of operating system.

ExaStore has a performance of 203,182ops/second, with an overall response time of 1.08ms. For video applications, each of ExaStore's nodes can deliver aggregate bandwidth of up to 200Mb/s and maintain multiple video streams. ExaStore storage solutions are available both with fibre channel and SATA disk RAID arrays.

For more information, visit www.exanet.com.

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