Enensys announces new MPEG monitoring device features

Enensys Technologies has announced significant new features and software versions for its MPEG-2 transport stream test and monitoring range consisting of the DiviPitch and DiviCatch devices.

The new DiviCatch v3.2 software now includes size-based recording with the DiviCatch device capable of recording a stream received through baseband interfaces or directly from the RF input. The new software also allows extended PSI/SI analysis.

Another new feature is the introduction of Megaframe Initialisation Packets (MIP) analysis, which is key in validating the proper operation of single frequency networks (SFN). MIPs are inserted into transport streams through an SFN adapter. These packets are used to synchronize all transmitters making up a single frequency network. MIP analysis provides detailed information on synchronization, code rate, bandwidth and/or interleaving.

For more information, visit www.enensys.com.