Electro-Voice shows new software platform and matrix system at NSCA

At the recent NSCA show, Electro-Voice showed new version 2 of its IRIS-Net comprehensive software platform and NetMax networked matrix system. The IRIS-Net acronym stands for Intelligent Remote Integrated Supervision Network, and is designed as a control network for professional audio systems with a sophisticated level of design, operation, and control of audio devices. As part of that, the NetMax N8000 controller is also being introduced.

IRIS-Net is an open, expandable shell which will be incorporated into many Telex Communications professional audio products including a wide range of Electro-Voice components, Midas mixing consoles, Telex and EV wireless microphones and Klark Teknik audio processing products, along with other 3rd party hardware components. IRIS-Net provides the system designer with a comprehensive and easy-to-use expandable interface to control and monitor any aspect of the audio chain. A broad array of DSP tools and supervision technology that enables the designer to control nearly any aspect of the audio signal, filters, delays, and EQ parameters, along with many other functions. In addition, assigning macros, setting schedules, running system checks or setting up channel equalization can all be done from this interface.

The new NetMax N8000 matrix audio unit is a modular digital audio system controller that provides full integration, exceptional flexibility and outstanding audio performance for up to 32 channels of digital audio and a choice of six matrixed layouts in a two RU chassis. The N8000 offers a dynamic range of 118dB for exceptional audio performance and offers CobraNet functionality through a secure built-in browser interface.

With the N8000 in place, IRIS-Net offers system designers a choice between distributed and central processing. In terms of monitoring and diagnostics, faults with IRIS-Net components are detected automatically and can be displayed on the PC screen or transmitted to remote locations. A wide range of problems with speaker lines and systems can be detected remotely. These functions are enabled through the use of the company’s RL Series IRIS-Net amplifiers, allowing tests to be run directly from the IRIS-Net application.

For more information, visit www.electro-voice.com/Electrovoice3/products.nsf/pages/ProductFamily=NetMax%20Digital%20Matrix%20System.

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