Dyneaudio releases stereo monitors aimed at desktop market

Mixing in your own project studio has distinct advantages, primarily the fact that you can tweak tracks to perfection without worrying about the clock.

Whether you’re mixing a record or audio for video project, however, there are trade-offs that have to be considered. The environment is rarely ideal, and fitting in a pair of stereo monitors that have the needed frequency range can be problematic. Finding the sweet spot-the ideal listening position-can also be difficult.

Dyneaudio’s new DBM50 monitors are designed specifically for the desk top market. Their frequency response (46Hz - 21kHz) will reproduce the complete range, and the DBM50’s feature a unique slanted design that puts the listener in the sweet spot at all times.

More information can be found at the following link: http://dynaudioprofessional.com/bm-series/monitors/dbm50/